Not sure if any one already did this and I missed it, but perhaps we want to use this as a template to send out to our conveners? In addition, I will let my convener know that I now follow her on Twitter, so if she wants to send me a Direct Message, I will get it on my cellphone. Feel free to not use that part if you don’t plan to do that. I will wait to send anything out until we all decide on which "script" we want to use. -Lee

Dear ,
As a member of the K12Online Help Desk committee, I wanted to let you know that I am available to assist you. Our HelpDesk link is available here:

You might find this specific area (devoted to FAQ just for presenters) particularly useful:[[

If you have questions, concerns or accolades, feel free to call on me. I’m looking forward to this awesome collaborative endeavor.
Take care,
P.S. I have added your Twitter account/name to my list of followers, so if you choose, you can send me a “direct message” at @teachakidd and I will receive your message on my cell phone.