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==FAQ & Tips for Presenters==

If I have an idea for a presentation, how do I submit it?

An online form is available along with more details on the K12 Online Conference website -

Who makes the decision as to which presentations are accepted?

A committee of three people do "Blind Readings" of each proposal and select the top nine in each strand.

What form do the presentations take?

Please feel free to use your imagination! The only requirement is that people can view your work online or download it to their handheld devices. Obviously, the larger the file, the longer it will take to download from our servers so all presenters are encouraged to provide a podcast version of their presentation to be included in the conference podcast web feeds. Once you are selected as a presenter, there will be a wiki made available that will contain specific directions and information concerning the development requirements for your presentation. For instance, in 2008, presenters were asked to keep their presentations under 20 minutes long. Things change a bit each year, so check on the Presenter's Wiki once your presentation proposal is selected.

How do I get my presentation to the online conference?

The K12 Online Conference houses all the main presentation files on server space that has been graciously supplied by the College of William and Mary. This means that each presenter must actually provide a file and not just links to a wiki or website. We are always tweaking the uploading process towards a streamline and efficient method so it is best to review the Presenter's Wiki for the most current information.

File Formats

Presenters can choose to publish their presentation in any online viewable format, but should strive to make the presentation ideas as accessible as possible. At a minimum, we hope each presentation will include:
1. An mp3 audio-only version of the presentation which can be downloaded as a podcast
2. If a video version of the presentation is published, any file format can be used. To encourage accessibility, as well as the ability of conference participants to readily download and view/consume video versions of presentations, we encourage each presenter to provide a podcast-friendly version of their presentation video. There will be more details posted on the Presenter's Wiki about how to accomplish file conversions.

Creative Commons Licensing

All presentations for the 2007 K-12 Online Conference will be published under the least-restrictive use license possible. By agreeing to present and in submitting your proposal to present, all presenters acknowledge their presentation will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

File Conversion Info and Tools

Ideally, we would like to have a mp3 audio version of each presentation available during the K-12 Online Conference. If presentations are shared in any type of video format (wma, mov, flv) we would also like to provide a downloadable QuickTime formatted (.mov) file compatible with iPods. All these presentation files will be hosted on the William and Mary servers. The reasons we would like to provide these file formats are:
  1. To provide the greatest accessibility possible to the presentations of the conference.
  2. To permit the creation of two different conference podcast "channels," one for audio-only presentations and one for enhanced/video presentations (if available.)
Presenters should NOT feel pressured to create an enhanced or video presentation if that was not originally planned: Audio-only (mp3) presentations are FINE and welcomed! If, however, video presentations are shared then we want to make those files as compatible for asynchronous download and viewing.
The K-12 Online Conference help desk is available to assist presenters in the file conversion process. Presenters are welcome to handle file conversion themselves, or have help desk volunteers assist. The following tools are available to convert presentation files:
  1. Convert To MP3 v2.0.5
  2. Convert To AAC v1.0
  3. Convert To AIFF v1.0
  4. Split Movie Tracks v1.0
Other tools for creating presentations: