If this is your first time attending our K12Online conference, then we want to help make it the best experience possible. Take some time to explore the links below to become familiar with how to navigate this 21st Century learning environment and you should be up to speed in no time. The conference conveners welcome you to our online learning community and look forward to recognizing your developing online voice.

The easiest way to access the conference presentations is through the conference schedule which will be linked and updated daily.

Here are some tips that will answer most of your questions as a first time conference participant.
  • K12online is a conference for teachers by teachers. You can find out more about how it got started, read the press release, and look at other promotional materials on the Public Relations wiki or the "ABOUT" page on the conference blog.
  • The conference is online and free. It is organized by strands and delivered primarily via a conference blog. There are both asynchronous (any time any place learning) and synchronous (a set time and place) events. In addition to the conference blog, there is a conference wiki which links to the various conference pieces including: live events, conference support, ways to obtain CEU and graduate credit, a learning community, a conference aggregator, and last year's conference archives.
  • On October 8, 2007, David Warlick's preconference keynote will be published on the K12Online conference blog. To view, simply click on the presentation link the blog post. This will open or download the presentation. There will also be a podcast version of the presentation available for downloading. Then on Tuesday, October 9 there will be a chance to chat with David Warlick live, as well as other conference participants.
  • Beginning Oct 15 - Oct 26 there will be Keynotes and other conference presentations (by strand) delivered for your viewing in the same way as the preconference keynote- via the blog. There will also be other chances to chat with the Keynotes and presenters during Fireside Chats in Elluminate.
  • If you are not sure which conference sessions might interest you take a look at the presentation Teasers.
  • The conference blog is organized so that the green icons on the top right (under the search field) will take you to the most popular pages/sites. Keynote presentations will appear in the "Featured" section and other presentations will appear in latest or recent post area. They will also be linkable from the far right under the 2007 categories. Asides are where you will find easy access to things like: flyer and conference badge, the strands of the conference, who is presenting, the conference schedule, live events, archives, Attendar map, guestbook, and the conference aggregator. There are multiple ways to access information on the blog and the wiki for your convenience.
  • Help Desk has made itself available in many different ways, such as: emailing the helpdesk at
  • Follwing K12 Online twitter (over 120 followers!) Try the Live Help Desk(if someone is available, they will answer your question in real-time).
  • They have also made these K12 Conference Guides How to Make the Most of the K12 Online Conference or Connected Planet Guide to the K12 Online Conference
  • There are many ways to stay connected during the K12Online conference.
  • During and after the conference we encourage you to join the K12Online community by joining the Attendar Map, commenting on the conference blog posts and posting your reflections on your own blogs and tagging them K12Online07, by attending the live events (Fireside Chats and When Night Falls), and during the last week of the conference by joining the Ning community. We will be extending that invitation during the last week of the conference.
  • If you would like to receive professional development credit for your participation in K12Online07 you can find out how here.
  • Any other questions are probably addressed in this FAQ.

Enjoy your conference. We look forward to collaborating together with you online.

The K12Online Conference conveners-

Darren Kuopatwa, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Wes Fryer and Lani Ritter-Hall

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