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Making the Most of the K12 Online Conference

Tips for first time participants

  • Don't try to take it all in at once. Pick a strand and follow it. View, perhaps, only one presentation per day.
  • There is approximately one synchronous activity per week but remember, these are archived so you can always catch up later, if the timing does not work for you.

Managing the information overload

  • Like any conference, you're best to review the program ahead of time and choose the sessions that most interest you. Once the conference starts, you'll find things happening at fast/furious so it's best to plan ahead!
  • Check out the presentation teasers to help you decide where to start your conference experience.

Divide and Conquer

  • Work with a colleague to share the information. Just like at an "in-person" conference, go to different sessions and "get the information and handouts" then report back.
  • Get everyone together for a keynote session, then assign people to report back on the key points in one presentation.

Professional Development LAN Parties

You, the presenter and several other colleagues
  • Why not make it a school event and get together after school, at lunch time, whenever to view the conference sessions with colleagues? Pick one that interests you and/or fits your school 's goals.

Asynchronous Professional Development

  • If you're busy all week, remember, the conference is mostly asynchronous (not happening in real time) so you can catch up with the conference later. For instance, you can view last year's conference presentations here.

What to expect in an Elluminate Session?

  • The Elluminate sessions are synchronous meaning they are the few times conference participants and presenters get together in real-time. Go to the Conference Schedule to see when Elluminate sessions are being held.
  • Give Eluminate a trial run by going here and then here to check your computer's capabilities and settings.
  • If you are an absolute first time Elluminate or webinar participant, you are best to spend some time prior to attending an Elluminate session to meander through this link: noting the information for First Time Users.
  • Be prepared to type text-messages and definitely speakers or headphones are a must within Elluminate.
  • Lots of people from around the globe will be discussing things of interest. Start by listening in, then join in if you want.