A few notes from Meeting #1 - August 19th, 2008 5pm EDT

Skype Conference 'called' to order by Sue
-Sue gathered everyone in a skype conference except John who said he may not be able to attend and Darren who was forgiven for missing due to his new baby (Congrats sent to the Big "D" from the helpdesk gang)
-unfortunately we were not set up to record this meeting - Sue explained John's method of using the trial version of Pamela and Audacity. There was interest in attempting this next session.
-Since not everyone could attend, it was felt this meeting would be shorter and lighter on content then originally planned.
-Brief introductions occurred... Pat, Lee and Kathy all provide tech support to Teachers in their respective districts. Patricia felt volunteering on the HelpDesk was one way to give back to the many people who have helped her out. Sue said she liked the 'little wins" of helping others become more accustomed to technology and learn new things.
-Next an overview of the types of tasks that were involved with last year's event and the locations of such activities.
-Questions/suggestions arose about additional help, the need to ensure accessibility due to filtered and blocked sites, and whether not 'attending' last year's conference would be a problem as helpdesk 'personnel'. Sue explained that she was totally new to the K-12 Online Conference last year (read through the previous year's site and decided she wanted to be a part).

-John explained he would try to make the meeting, thankfully arrived just at the end - put up the helpdesk2008wiki in a flash! (http://helpdesk2008.wikispaces.com/Organizational+Notes)
-Kathy had to leave the meeting just as John came on so the others decided to continue a bit longer with John. Patricia suggested we set up a private wiki for the team's use to start organizing things and capturing people's ideas.
-Sue experienced a few audio problems within Skype - had to start the conference over once.. used texting only another time and in the end 'jumped' into another conference call that seemed to work okay... throughout all, the gang held in - THANKS!!
Next Meeting - Saturday, August 23rd - 8am EDT / 7am CDT / 1:00pm IST