Helpdesk Gmail account - who will monitor? Sue, Pat, John, Lee (Kathy is blocked from GMail at work), maybe Darren

Sue has Outlook auto-check the account, John also set GMail notifier on his desktop to notify if there is new mail
Link to Gmail notifier:
John/Sue are looking up the password to send us (now added below)

If you use Outlook, you can choose: Outlook / Accounts / New Account / Properties

Incoming :
Username: k12onlinehelpdesk
Password: k12helpdesk

On any reply, CC the helpdesk in your reply (instead of each other) -

Sue suggests there be a heirarchy of answering so that the questioner doesn't get bombarded with multiple answers. Perhaps like a calling tree - top person on the list answers, but if no answer within a certain amount of time, then the next person down would answer

Lee and Pat suggest that if you read the email and cannot address the issue right then, setting the email status back to 'unread' in gmail so that we'd know that the issue was unresolved. Consensus is that it would be best to read the email from the Gmail web interface, and if you can't address the issue, mark it back to 'unread'.

If we answer all helpdesk email from the online gmail interface, then our answers will be kept in sent mail, and that would probably be best for tracking how we answer the issues.

Answer each email with your own name, with K12Online Helpdesk under it so that they know who is answering, and include a link to the K12Online Conference.

Action items for next time:
  • Kathy will research what our options are in GMail - can we color code each message to show who is working on it, or put a label on it?
  • Sue will get the password for and send to us (see above)
  • Transfer assigned pages from pbwiki to wikispaces
  • Review notes from meeting fill in info. where necessary
  • Review K12 HelpDesk offerings - think about additions required such as wikipages, screencasts, etc

Pat has been testing Vyew for use in demonstrating desktop
Our online Vyew book is . Pat reports that desktop sharing is very slow, so mostly a last resort if Skype goes down.
-if we need to "see" a website or other's desktop to aid in our online meetings, we can jump to Vyew, Connect, WizIQ, etc. - it's good to have one 'in the ready'
-does vyew have audio included?

Update:- Vyew helpdesk account created. Anyone can enter the account as administrator. username: password: k12helpdesk. Vyew book that can be editied and used:

K-12 First Timers Page

First impressions - very text rich. Could we use whitespace, break it up into several pages, use images - something a little less overwhelming? Eliminate sentences and paragraphs - go with bullets.

Could we make a 'low bandwidth' or printable version available as well?
-especially if we go to multiple pages in order to organize data better.

Should that page be in the HelpDesk wiki? This page is available year-round, whereas the help desk is only available immediately before and during the conference? Or should links be provided to both HelpDesk and the general K12Wiki - perhaps we could mirror this page on the HelpDesk Wiki

Perhaps information should be broken up depending on whether you're attending during the conference or after?

John put a First Timer page in the HelpDesk wiki, so if you want to try to tweak it a bit, you can work on that. For little tweaks work on that page, for major reworks, you may want to throw up a blank page to demonstrate what you have in mind.

John and Patricia and Lee will tweak the firsttimers page this week - target date Sept. 2.

Sue reviewed the Pre-Conference Task List and asked if there were any additional changes. Pat volunteered to work on the Tools section.

For accessibility reasons, we will move the wiki from PBWiki to Wikispaces. Each of us will be assigned a page or two to transfer - once in Wikispaces, you can tweak and work on your pages. They will be private until we are ready to go live. Last years K12OnlineHelpdesk wiki - password was gok12go
Team Member
Focus Page
John (Home Page)
-organize Presentation File Pages for all strands (see )

-propose right-side menu options (won’t be able to link most until other pages ready as there will be new helpdesk site and K12 Online wiki)
Sue will copy K’s page over since it’s a busy week next week.
-perhaps some “how to” tutorial links would help too.

-may want to add tag options and twitter info to “connected” list
-Need to find out if Fireside Chat is happening in 08
-Need to find out if Elluminate is being used and if there will be synchronous meetups like last year

Next meeting: Short meeting next Saturday Sept. 2 - same time. Lee will organize the conference call. If you are not available, just let Lee know and she won't call you.
-I will add a proposed Agenda on a new page "Meeting #3"

For Archive...

Meeting #2 - Agenda / Pre-Meeting Tasks / Meeting Assignments

Saturday August 23, 8:00am EDT

Meeting Assignments
  • Patricia has been asked to set up a Vyew Meeting space for us and be ready to walk the team through it as a FYI / or be ready for use if the need arises during our meeting.
  • John is asked to be ready to record the meeting - if John is not available, Can someone else be ready?
  • Sue will be at a low bandwidth location and a little gun shy after what happened during our first meeting so for this meeting (Meeting #2) can LEE call us into a skype conference at the noted meeting time?
  • Need a person to take on task of updating this wiki page with short notes from meeting (can be taken during meeting)
  • Sue will chair the meeting and try to move the agenda items within an hour

PreMeeting Tasks
  • Can everyone please review the HelpDesk Wiki site here: ? As first time viewers (except John & Darrend) it would be good to get your impressions on things you think need to be added, what could be changed, what seems helpful, etc. You are welcome to start noting thoughts here:
    * Set up one page that has all the feeds - audio, video, delicious, twitter, conference blog, ning posts. For those that are not yet familiar with RSS readers. It can act as a one stop shop for updated information.
    * Indentify and summarise what tags are being used - eg k12online, k12online08, k12onlinetools, each presentation??
    * Add VLC to the tools section - all in one media player. Any others?
    * Mabye on the helpdesk sidebar group the external links and flag them as such
    * Create a 'library' or 'handouts' page with links to all the pdf help files that are available
    * Possibly embed the 'whennightfalls' flickr slideshow in the relevant wiki page
  • Can everyone please review the "First Timers" page here: - What questions do you find are NOT answered by the page... how can the page be more effective? Feel free to jot your review notes here:
    * group the tips into sections
  • Take a gander through K12 Online Conference main site - just to become more familiar with what this thing is all about. Did you know that the content from the website is used 'officially' throughout the year in courses, other workshops, etc. Talk about longevity and the gift that keeps on giving!!

Meeting Agenda
  • Introductions - Each person will be asked to share a tidbit they learned about another person during the first meeting.
  • K12 Online 2008 - What's going on this year - Darren (if in attendance)
  • Survey Results from Last Year - Darren (if in attendance)
  • Sue will review HelpDesk Gmail account protocol
  • Patricia will give us brief walk through in Vyew - desktop will be shared by team members as we discuss next three topics...
  • Discuss ways that we can provide support this year to our three client groups - Participants / Presenters / Admin. Team (Convenors & other Support Teams)
  • Brainstorm session (and tasks assigned) on HelpDesk Wiki Clean Up
  • Brainstorm session (and tasks assigned) on "First Tiimer's page
  • Update Timeline for Activities and To Do List (see new page in wiki on topic)