Notes from the Meeting - September 17, 11:30pm EDT:
Darren gave short review of all the committees. Very large PRO committee for the first time. Professional Credit committee - certificate granted for participation. Live events committe - fireside chats, LAN parties and 'When night falls' final event. Not K12online committee - unconference (presentation and critique channel) - building own system with Drupal. Presenters deadline - Sept 21 for their teasers. One per day being released on the conference blog. Presenters upload to their own service of choice but must have embed code.
NB: Blog showing code but the link works perfectly. Also a problem with some browsers showing green background to the text.

Presenters wiki being generated.
Helpdesk committee added to the presenters wiki - done.
Suggestion - Common timeline for all committees for next year - have a look at some timeline tools but low priority
Isquint - convets mac video to ipod format with good compression (max of 20min video).
No file size cap set, compression settings or screen size.
Give specifications to presenters. Look at limitations from very sites. Helpdesk should provide a general guideline

Two services being used this year - senduit? (upto 100MB) and freeuploadshare? - dropbox low throughput, bandwidth is the problem. William and Mary provides great service. Google video has file compression tutorial. Links to software and tutorials will be provided by helpdesk. Access problem for Youtube but could use and teacher tube. Try to cut down on number of published sites.

Presenters must send files to Strand convener and must use the name given. All files go to Sheryl (and Wes) who uploads them to William and Mary. Path to each presentation will be know because filename is known. When presentations go live - issues occur - file, path etc. Trying to avoid this.
Pre conference keynote published tba - Oct 13th live GMT 12noon (all presentations) - last year too many hits all at once so no access and people downloaded and mirrored elsewhere. One helpdesk person to be on hand each morning. John tested the link straight away last year when Sheryl added the file.

K12online general wiki not ready yet. New Live Events wiki. Take my hand wiki did not work last year. Think about how to make it work. May or may not be used this year. Mabye this already exists in Ning or Twitter - possibily make it a group in the Ning. Discuss with other conveners at next meeting.

Meebo to be used again this year. It was busy during synchronous activities last year.

helpdesk wiki to go live MONDAY morning!!

Agenda (Please add items! / Questions)
  • Darren will do a short overview about current conference activities
  • Need someone with a "Mac" orientation to create an Isquint Screencast for Mac Users - sooner than later to assist presenters with file conversions. (Sue will create a screencast for JoDix... unless someone has created one already!).
  • Clarify from Darren re: Fire Side Chat Support and When Night Falls (date & time)
  • Check in on HelpDesk Gmail Account Replies and Process
  • Process to move wiki pages to which will become the permanent link for the helpdesk
  • Need to decide on Meebo or other "just in time" service
  • Darren (should have mentioned): Last year the meebo widget came in REAL handy during the Fireside Chats. A Help Desk member monitored it to help troubleshoot with anyone having trouble in the Elluminate room. FYI: We expect upwards of 100 people at each Fireside Chat.
  • Confirm Style Guide decisions (colours, adding email address at the top (& bottom?) of each page, etc)
  • Review Help Desk Wiki Pages... page by page using listing under "Wikipages for 2008"
  • Review Availability dates for Help Desk Team (see Google Calendar on the "To do / Timeline Page)
  • Do the convenors want our help to aid in converting and posting files & info (like John did last year)

-anything else?