TIMELINE >>>>>>>>
  1. Weeks Before
Conference Start Date
Dates for 2008
Tasks To Be Completed (By Whom)
~15 to 20 weeks prior to Conference
June to July
Call for HelpDesk Volunteers
  • Chairperson assigned
  • Members identified
  • First Meeting Planned

~4 to 15 weeks before the Conference
August to Sept
Review HelpDesk Artefacts (Wiki pages, Screencasts, HelpDesk Gmail Account, HelpDesk Google Calendar, etc). Identify updates, improvements, alterations, etc that are necessary.
  • Best done by dividing pages/screencast tasks etc. amongst helpdesk team members
  • Decide if support will be provided to presenters - If so, assign one helpdesk member to each strand and have the helpdesk send an email out to presenters offering help.

4 weeks
Sept. 20
Wiki pages go live
Start to work out schedule for personalized HelpDesk support during all syncronous events as well as other times during conference as time and people resources permit.
  • during weekly meetings review possible "help" scenarios and practice using webinar software to be used during conference.
  • Decide whether Meebo-type syncronous assistance will be provided and if so, design help desk schedule with this in mind.

2 weeks
Oct. 1st
Confirm HelpDesk Personel for Conference Activities

1 week
Oct. 7th
Do final checks on all Help Desk artefacts

O weeks
Follow through on support for syncronous events as well as Meebo-Type "Live" Help Desk schedule.

1 week after the Conference
Nov. 7
Meet with HelpDesk Team to review Process, Activities - What worked / What needs changing / Advice for next year's gang / etc.

To do's:
-screencasts ideas:
+Walkthrough of K12 Online sites
+How to get the most from the K12 Online Conference
+Following the lead up to the K12 Online Conference
+"how to" add a K12 Online Badge to your Wiki, Blog, Website, etc.
-Update HelpDesk Wiki with 2008 info.
-Update First Timers page
-Change Meebo to helpdesk Gmail account registration?
-Everyone monitor HelpDesk Gmail Account

Battle Stations:
Monitoring postings on K12 Online Website / Wiki / Gmail / others?
Providing support to Presenters / Participants / Convenors & Support Teams

I'm thinking we could add our availability to the google calendar and leave the postings "private"...rather than starting another table - For our next meeting, can everyone identify when they ARE NOT going to be available? One thing last thing - can you post your availability based on the calendar's timezone of EDT - For instance, if john is not available from 7am to 10pm in his time zone, he would post 8am to 11pm.